Turtle in a Racehorse World--dealing with disability through creativity

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The neurosurgeon said, “Kati will be able to learn and do things. She’ll go at her own pace, but it won’t be fast. She will always be a turtle in a racehorse world.” Moving, thinking, and speaking more slowly than the rest of the world is not all roses. So Kati wrote this book to help the racehorses of the world better understand those like her, and not be afraid to be their friends— so the world can be a kinder place. 128 pages long, the first half of the book tells how Kati feels about her life, and her desire to be a voice for others who may feel similarly, but not be able to express it. The second half of the book contains some of her creative writings. “Turtle in a Racehorse World” is recommended for readers age 10 and up.
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