About Us

We are a family-owned, on-line business, which began with the books written by Halene. Then in 2009, our daughter Kati’s book was added to the creative collection.
Our goal is to share our fun, uplifting, and family-friendly reading resources with others.
Halene Petersen Dahlstrom is a wife, mother, grandmother, author, motivational speaker, Special Olympics volunteer, special-needs advocate, adoptive parent and advocate.
She loves to encourage others to develop their talents, and has given presentations to school, church, and community groups.
Kati Dahlstrom is a wonderful young lady, an author, and a Special Olympics athlete. She loves to talk about her book and the huge effort it took to accomplish its creation. She is also a Special Olympics Global Messenger, and has spoken to church and community groups to encourage and thank them for their support.

Let us bring some joyful, touching moments into your life!

Best Wishes and Happy Reading!

You can contact us at: alaskafamilybooks@yahoo.com